Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★½

The Road to the Rise of Skywalker: Episode VIII

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Ah, The Last Jedi. Coming off of The Force Awakens, I had high hopes for this one and as I sat on it I was more or more let down by it. Is it the masterpiece or one of the best Star Wars films like some claim it to be? No, haha, no. Is it the worst thing to happen to Star Wars and destroys everything that came before it? No, definitely not.

The Last Jedi has some good in it. Visually it might be the most impressive Star Wars film to this point, Rey has her moments, Kylo has his moments, the Throne Room scene is still pretty awesome and the big battle in the climax is pretty good too. There's just so much fluff in this that does the film no good. There's parts where it just lulls, the whole subplot with Finn and Rose especially.

The Last Jedi is neither masterpiece nor total garbage and overall, I would say it's just "meh

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