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What a treat! Richly humanistic and nuanced portrayal of isolated broken people helping each other. Not just set in the 1970s, but FEELS like the 1970s. This is a terrifically bittersweet, touching and frequently very funny character study made for adults. Director Alexander Payne and David Hemingson create a cute and interesting film about a teacher played by Paul Giamatti, a stodgy glass eyed grump of a history Professor. A grieving school cook played by the incredible Da'Vine Joy Randolph,…

In-yun is the belief that the interactions between two people in this life are owed to interactions (or near-interactions) in their past lives. Celine Song has written and directed a fictionalized version of her life here (through a character named Nora Moon). She immigrated from Korea to Toronto at 12, then to New York City to write plays. Even at 36, Nora is in this transitory state, between her Korean and "Western" Identities, and has struggled to put down real…

"I mean, there might be a public outcry for a while. But then you know what happens? People forget. They don't remember. They don't care. They just don't care. It's just gonna be another everyday, common tragedy."
That one line, spoken by Robert De Niro’s William King Hale to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Ernest Burkhart basically encapsulates this stylistic, haunting, and wholly demoralizing historical drama about the Osage Tribe being cheated out of their oil wealth and murdered

A winding, serpentine, epic but subdued…

We believe this is correctly regarded as one of those spectacularly dazzling cinematic achievements that makes you think maybe we lost something from the "soul" of filmmaking when CGI emerged. Lawrence of Arabia's reputation is absolutely deserved as a masterpiece, the cinematography alone is some of the greatest in history. The action sequences, the shot composition, cinematography and lighting. This film transports.

The laundry list of amazing things this has influenced is as stunning as the filmmaking.

Shots of the…

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I watch this and feel shame for this generation. Nobody wants to dig anymore.

The gold standard of action-adventure. An homage of adventure serials of a bygone age, while at the same time setting a new standard. Witty, droll and with many punch in the air style moments. Pure good and evil lines, wild turns. Still a great film and justifiably rebirthed a genre. Engaging, thrilling and fun in a way Hollywood has grown too calculating to reproduce these days.

Kind of states the case for movies, all said.
Hell yeah.

May December

May December


I’m convinced an English teacher at my high school wanted to bang my friend. What could’ve been.

Melodrama! In a good way