Persona ★★★★★

Ok yeah holy shit what a masterpiece
Got my interpretation
Gonna share it here briefly:
So I think the opening scene is trying to show us the things that have stimulated and tormented the protagonist throughout her life. The silent cartoons and movies could mean what entertained her as a child, the dead sheep and dying mean what tormented her, I figured this when she said she grew up on a farm, the penis we are showed briefly shows us how much sex has been present on her life, and well I'm sure there were tons of more things with hidden meanings but I can't remember them right now. Then in the morgue, the kid we see is either (a) the kid she aborted who lays in her unconscious and who will try to understand her through the movie or (b) her son who she could not abort, if this is the case this is either the kid having a sort of dream (?) and is trying to understand his mom or is the protagonist imaging how she would try to explain to her son why their relationship is the way it is.
Now I'm keeping this part short, the rest of the plot unfolds with Elisabet Vogler (played by Ullman and who represents the "mask", persona means mask in Latin) and Alma (played by Bibi Andersson, Alma means soul in Spanish), so what the whole movie means is the real essence of her (Alma) trying to finally come to terms with the fake persona or mask she has created to hide all the personal things she thinks could harm her public image, this is kinda revealed when Alma tells Elisabet she thinks actors are "superior" beings and thinks they are perfect, so she suppresses many things of her past such as that orgy that she told us in that magnificent monologue.
In the end, I feel these two personalities finally come to terms (not sure if in a good way) as we finally see Alma on the stage and under the cameras acting, then the end comes to one of the most fascinating and artistically valuable masterpieces in cinema history.


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