Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon ★★★★

Dog Day Afternoon
is an amazing and intense film from Sidney Lumet. This was a really brilliant movie. It was also really intense and it never let you breathe. Everything from the direction to the writing to the acting was incredible. This is an amazing film. It may become 5 stars on rewatch. The problem is it’s so intense that it may be hard for me to rewatch but I probably will at some point. Lumet is such a great Director. I absolutely loved 12 Angry Men. It’s one of the best made films. This is definitely not nearly as good as that but it’s still great nonetheless. I’ve also seen Murder on the Orient Express which is obviously not as good as either one of those movies but it was still really enjoyable. It one of those movies once it starts it doesn’t hold back. It got more and more intense as the film went along. It’s just an amazing film. I’d highly recommend it as it’s just so good.

Of course I have to talk about Al Pacino’s performance here. He was absolutely spectacular in the movie. This may be the best performance I’ve seen from him. He did a great job at playing someone who was just insane. He seemed to have mental problems. He didn’t really seem to be in control of his own actions. You learned more and more about his character as the film progressed. He didn’t even seem to have a plan for robbing the bank. He seemed to just decide to do it. His character was very complex and was easily the best part of the film. He probably would’ve won any other year but Jack Nicholson had to win for One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. He was just phenomenal and it would’ve been a travesty if you didn’t win. John Cazale was also great in the film. He played Sal who was Sonny’s partner in crime. He wasn’t nearly as insane though he didn’t seem to be very sane either. He definitely wasn’t as good as Pacino but he was still really good in the movie. Chris Sarandon was also phenomenal in the film. He was only in about two scenes of the movie but when he was in it he was spectacular. He really did give a great performance. He still of course wasn’t as good as Pacino but he was just great in the movie. I loved the scene where he was talking to Sonny. It was a pretty heartbreaking scene. He brought a lot of emotional depth to the character. Chris During was also really good in the film. I loved the scenes where he was confronting Pacino’s character. All of the performances and characters in this film were phenomenal. It’s a really well acted movie.

The screenplay was also spectacular. A lot of the film relied on dialogue and conversations between different characters. There was some really important information only said through dialogue. You learned a lot about the characters(especially Sonny) through dialogue. It’s one of those films that you could miss a lot from not paying enough attention. There was a lot going on. If you’re not paying enough attention you’ll probably miss at least some of it. This movie was insanely well written. It definitely deserved it’s win for best original screenplay. The plot was pretty brilliant. There was multiple different layers to it. As the film progressed it got crazier and crazier. The stakes kept getting higher. It’s also pretty insane that this was a true story. Now it probably wasn’t fully actuate but still that’s insane. They did a great job at sustaining tension throughout the entire movie. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole movie. The ending was especially crazy. This is just a really well written film. 

The direction from Sidney Lumet was also spectacular. The film was really claustrophobic as most of the film was set inside the bank and when it wasn’t in the bank Sonny was outside next to a bunch of cops, reporters and rioters. A lot of the films runtime was spent seeing the characters stuck inside the bank figuring out what to do. That added another layer of suspense. You also got to know a lot of the hostages which was a really part to the film. It was basically 2 hours straight of tension and suspense. It was a pretty crazy film. There were many different events that added to that tension. You met new characters and that usually added even more tension. Sidney Lumet did a great job of building tension all throughout this whole movie. It’s a really stressful experience to be honest. He perfectly crafted this film. He’s just a phenomenal director. I wasn’t ever bored by this film either as it was always intense. There was always something that was happening. Something that would usually be very impactful for the rest of the film. It never really had a dull moment as it was always building suspense. From the first scene the film hooked me. I was already enthralled with it. There were moments in the film that were honestly hard to breathe during just because of all the tension that was being built. I would definitely recommend this to any film fan. Just note that it’s a pretty intense film but it’s definitely worth it. I may like this better in rewatch. I may even bump up my score to a 10. Sidney Lumet did an absolutely incredible job at directing the film. There was some nice cinematography. The score was pretty good. It had really good editing. I’m really excited to watch more of his filmography because he was
a phenomenal director.

This movie was just so good in multiple ways. There were many great scenes and all of the performances were incredible and especially Al Pacino. The screenplay was also spectacular. Overall Dog Day Afternoon is a really great crime thriller with an amazing performance from Al Pacino.

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