Emma. ★★★

Emma is pretty good movie. I enjoyed this even if the runtime is a tad bit too long. It’s very well made. The costume design is great. I love the production design. It’s a vey nice looking movie. The score is great. Anna Taylor Joy is great here. She’s very charming and fits very well in the role of Emma. It’s a pretty delightful movie. The ending is so sweet. It’s definitely a predictable movie. Not necessarily very unique but it’s nice and charming. It’s a bit slow at time mostly due to it’a runtime. It felt a bit dragged out especially near the end. It could’ve been shorter. It definitely would’ve benefited from that. I had a decent time with it though. It’s not fully engaging but it mostly entertained me. More so a weak thumps up but there is enough positives for me to like it. The whole cast is great. It’s very well made. It’s a bit predictable and cliched but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Overall Emma is a good period piece rom com.

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