Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★½

Wacky, crazy, hilarious, entertaining, and emotional and just such a good movie overall. I gotta say it was a bit hard to fully get into the film at first. Not because it was slow but because it is overwhelming. There’s a lot going on and it movies quite fast. However I think that issue will be resolved on a rewatch as I won’t be as confused. Other than that basically it’s just an awesome movie. It does everything it sets out to do so well. The action is insane and so creative. Goddamn sex toys are used as weapons in some parts. It’s that insane. The action is also some of the funniest stuff in the movie. It goes all in and it’s amazing. It’s also very well shot action and very well edited. It’s very hyper and that fits the film. It’s awesome stylized action. The whole film has an amazing style from the two mad geniuses that are Daniels. The editing is insane with how it fits through all the different universes. And man this is such a unique movie. It has such a clear style and you can tell the Daniels have basically perfected their style since Swiss Army Man. All of what they did there is here just even better. The sound is very good and enhances everything. The pacing is just so good especially as the films progresses. It was 2 and a half hours yet it didn’t really feel that long and even so I didn’t really ever want it to end. I loved the wacky universes it showed. And I loved the characters and the genius ideas. Michelle Yeoh is incredible. She is able to make a character that is on paper unlikable, likable or at least to an extent. She’s very charismatic. She is really fun during the action scenes and her different expressions and what are very good. And she really nails the emotions. Just an amazing performance. Stephanie Hsu and Ke Huy Quan are awesome too. And the dynamic they have with Yeoh is great. Jamie Lee Curtis is great as always and it was a different kind of role for her which is appreciated a lot. And James Hong is really good too. It’s just a really good ensemble cast and these characters are so amazing. This is a movie about family at it’s core. Sure it’s a crazy multiverse action comedy but it’s also a family drama and I’d say that’s really the main part of it. It has such a big heart and such good messages about family. And the relationship of this family is so interesting and I loved how the portrayed it throughout all these universes. And it’s really emotional in a quite a few scenes. It’s that kind of movie that can make you laugh and cry at the same time and the tones never feel too conflicting. It’s feels like a natural balance. The Daniels just did such a good job with everything. The script is amazing. I can’t fathom how you can come up with some of these things that they have in this movie. The multiverse stuff is so smart. While the industry has been on a multiverse frenzy with the MCU and soon the DCEU, it feels very fresh in this movie. And I love seeing the multiverse being used in such a creative way because really I’d you think about it’s such an awesome idea that you can do so many things with. And the Daniels take advantage of that. And they use to tell a story about family and when human connection. There’s some crazy stuff they do here that I won’t spoil but it’s just so insane some of the stuff they do yet it never feels like too much. I never really felt too weirded out. It worked. And they had so Kant ideas and these ideas could have easily ended up not forming into a coherent movie. It could have been a messy but some how, it wasn’t. These ideas were able to come together to form this epic oddball movie. It just really gives you everything you want. Go see it when you it when you can. It’s worth it.

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