Magnolia ★★★★★

I didn’t even know how to review this thing once let alone for a second time. But man it’s an amazing motion picture. It’s an epic drama. 3 hours that do not drag at any point. The stories are all very interesting and offer profound ideas to the film. The cast is all incredible. Tom Cruise is that best he’s ever been. John C. Reilly is really great. So is Melora Walters and really everyone. It would be a waste to name them all as every is freaking excellent in this movie. Everyone brings their A games including PTA. To me this 100% absolutely his finest work. He created a truly special movie that’s amazing on all levels. I love how everything ties together. I love how it looks. I love the dialogue and the writing. The ending is crazy and honestly really works. The movie is satisfying with its emotions. It’s just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful and I really don’t know how to write full coherent thoughts for this. It’s still hard to process this massive work of art even after seeing it for a second time. But yeah definitely see this one. PTA really outdid himself here and I doubt he’ll ever be able to top this but he doesn’t need to because most directors don’t reach as high as this film. It honestly shouldn’t work. It should’t tie together in the way it does. But it does work. It does tie together. It’s just so masterfully done and I freaking love it.

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