Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! ★★★½

Mamma Mia
is such a fun musical! Sure it’s flawed. The plot is quite messy. It’s a pretty generic story. It’s predictable. It doesn’t really flow properly due to the excessive amount of songs but I don’t care! This is such an enjoyable and fun movie. The soundtrack is so good. So many great songs here. It’s impossible not to dance during it! The cast is amazing. Meryl Streep is so good here. I did not know she could sing that well. Amanda Seyfried is pretty good as well. Pierce Brosnan is really good as well. I absolutely love Colin Firth in this same with Stellan Skarskård. It’s just a fun movie. It looks pretty as well. It’s just one of those feel good movies. It’s just an hour and forty eight minutes of pure joy. It’s not close to perfect but it’s great. Just so fun. It’s not very well written. Some characters could’ve been written better but ugh I don’t care it’s so entertaining. I’d definitely recommend this if you just want to have a good time because it will definitely deliver on that. Overall Mamma Mia is just great and so much fun.

🔙Porco Rosso 

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