Nomadland ★★★★

is an absolutely incredible film with an even better performance from Frances McDormand. The film was built around her performance. The film is simply about life. It’s a very sad film and it’s slow at times but it’s worth it. Though I wish it was out on the big screen it was still an amazing experience. I’m definitely happy that I got to see this early due to NYFF. It’s one that I’d definitely recommend. While because of it’s slower pace it won’t be for everyone, many film fans will love it. It definitely has a chance for being nominated at the Oscars and I would be surprised if it wasn’t. It’s my second favorite of the year(not counting Hamilton). My only issue was there a few slow parts but for that didn’t bother me for the most part. Even if it doesn’t get nominated for best picture(it probably will)it will almost certainly be nominated for best leading actress. The film is an experience. Whenever you have the chance you should definitely check it out.

Frances McDormand was just phenomenal in this film. The movie was basically built around her. She’s an amazing actress and she just showed how skilled she is in this movie. It’s de a character study. Her performance is the main basis of the film. This is the best performance that I’ve seen from her though I haven’t seen Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. She absorbed her character. Half way through I forgot I was watching an actress. She became a nomad. Her performance was genuine. It felt so real. It felt like I was watching a real person. That benefited this film greatly. It made it feel even more realistic. She played a very troubled character. Her husband recently passed away. She had money problems. Her old town was completely gone. She then decided to go out in the middle of no where in an Rv. There she met people like her. A lot of these characters were actually played by real nomads. It not only added to the realism of the film but to the realism of McDormand’s performance. When she was talking to these people she felt like she was one of them. The fitted right in. I was also shocked by how amazing the performances of these non actors were. I think it’s because they were just being them selves. There weren’t actors which would make it more fake. Some of them were but the ones that were actors were still great. Them made sure that everyone they got would be great. It was very heartbreaking to learn of these peoples stories. I think parts of their stories were made up but I’m pretty sure they were mostly true. The conversations with these people were amazing. Frances McDormand worked perfectly with them. She didn’t stand out as a professional actress. That shows how far she has come. It shows how truly talented she is. That she was able to blend in. To not even feel like an actress but a person. It’s almost definitely the best performance of the whole year. I’m almost certain that she’s going to win. I don’t see how anyone will beat her. Just watch this film for her performance alone. It will most likely blow you away.

Chloe Zhao direction was absolutely fantastic. She did a great job with this film. It just feels so realistic. Even full on historical films don’t feel this realistic. They feel like their movies with actors but this film really didn’t. It just felt like life happening right before your eyes. Nothing else just life. It didn’t feel like a film. It was an experience. The people acted like people. The film shot in such an incredible way. The cinematography was just beautiful. The film looked so good. There were so many incredible shots. The production design was immaculate. It was just so beautiful. This film is just gorgeous. Again I wish I could see it one the big screen because that feels like what it was made for. Still it’s nice to be able to watch it early and experience it before many others do. I can’t wait to see what Zhao does next. She’s doing The Internals but I’m not sure how much of her vision that it. I don’t think it’s going to be her film. It’s going to be Marvel’s/Disney’s film because she is a small director. She hasn’t made any big films that get her a big status and she already made before this film came out and it’s not technically out yet anyway. This film is a beautiful slice of life. It’s the ups and downs of life. It’s a very touching film. It’s definitely a tear jerker. I’m not sure if I’ll see anything else from the festival. I just really wanted to watch this because of it’s amazing reviews and Oscar potential. The film had an amazing score to go along with it. It had a great story and it tackled amazing themes. It also had a great screenplay. I was wowed by this film. I can’t wait to see it again.

And that’s it. Please watch this when it comes out. It’s one of the best films of the year. The year seems to be getting better for movies. Mank and The Trial of the Chicago Seven are coming to Netflix. I’m really excited. This film is the first real Oscar contender. As much as I loved I’m Thinking of Ending Things we all know it will be sadly snubbed. That upsets me but it’s the truth. Will The French Dispatch come out this year? Probably not but I hope. This is phenomenal. It will be out in December so definitely watch it then. Overall Nomadland is an amazing experience than absolutely blew me away.

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