Sunset Boulevard ★★★★½

Sunset Boulevard
is an another insanely incredible film from Billy Wilder. The dude was just so talented. I’ve loved everything I’ve seen from him. This was just insane. It’s know as an iconic masterpiece for a reason. Pretty much everything thing about it was Incredible. It’s definitely close to a five. Wilder is probably the best writer of all time. It’s screenplays are so impressive. His dialogue is just so phenomenal. This was a really intense film. It had a pretty icky feeling to it but in a good way. It honestly blew my mind. The dialogue was just so phenomenal. Every line was amazing. Every one of them were remarkable in some sort of way. He was honestly a genius. I’m can’t wait to watch even more of Wilder’s career. He’s definitely one of my favorite directors. Gloria Swanson was absolutely magnificent in this film. She was pretty menacing especially near the end. She definitely should’ve won. The way the story was told was just brilliant. The ending was just awesome. Swanson transformed into her character. To be honest I forgot an actress was playing her. She was that good. William Holden was also great. While Swanson definitely outshined him, I still found his performance to be incredible. His narration was great. I love how Wilder does narration. He does in such a unique and well written way. A lot of times narration can come of as cheep and lazy but not with this film. It was also done in such a brilliant way. It also helped that literally every line of dialogue said was amazing. I was very enthralled by the story. It was very captivating from beginning to end. It never lost my attention. The character development for Norma(Swanson’s character)was just incredible. She was such a nasty women. You could tell how caught up in the past she was. She still thought she was big star even though pretty much everyone has forgotten about her. She was not a washed up silent film actress. She used to be a big star but not anymore. She was insanely rich and lived in a mansion with only her butler to keep her company. It was a pretty bad place. Not one that you would want to be in. Yet sadly Joe Gillis happened to come to the wrong place. From the outside it looks abandoned. It was not well kept. So he thought he could stay there for a little bit while running away from the tax collectors. The only car in the garage was an outdated model. He just assumed it was an old car left by the house’s old owners. Joe was just a normal screenwriter. Though he seemed to have lost his touch. If he ever had a touch to begin with. Of course the house wasn’t really abandoned. There is where the plot really stars up. He meets Norma. The beginning was already great but after this part it becomes even better. The pacing was incredible especially for a movie from this time period. A lot of older movies can fall victim to slow pacing. This(and the other Wilder films I’ve seen)thankfully did not. There were some really good twists throughout the film. You learn a lot of interesting information. This is just a phenomenal movie.

I’m really scared for the remake they are doing with Glenn Close. I’m sure she will be amazing but this is a classic. It should stay untouched. Nobody can write like Wilder. Maybe it will be a good film but I doubt it. Even if it is, it’s almost definitely not topping this film. Meaning that there wouldn’t even be a purpose for watching it. Just watch the original. Maybe I just hate the idea of remakes in general. Maybe you can do it if either the old film is very dater or the original version had a great idea but failed on the execution. If the original is already amazing, you don’t have to redo it. There isn’t a purpose. Well I guess there is one purpose. That purpose is of course money. The film is just so incredible. The remake won’t be able to top it. Maybe I’m wrong but no. This movie is one of the best of all time to be honest. I know the remake is more of an adaptation of the musical but that’s not going to change anything. A few songs still won’t make it better. Maybe I’m not being to harsh. I didn’t really intend to turn this into a rant but I guess I couldn’t resist. As long as they don’t remake Some Like it Hot and The Apartment I won’t be too angry. Those are especially ones that are just products of their time and of the one and only Billy Wilder. Again Close can probably do a great job. Still a great performance doesn’t make a great film. Again maybe I’m wrong. To be honest hopefully I am wrong. 

So yeah, sorry about that rant. This is just a masterpiece. One of the best films of the 50s and one of the best films of all time. The performances were amazing. Wilder’s direction was great but his screenplay was what really made this a masterpiece. His writing his just long no one else’s. This is one that I’d highly recommend. It’s one that I feel most will definitely like if not love. There’s just something so incredible about it. It’s hard for me to rank his movies. They are all kind of equal. I love them all so much. I think his moves are definitely good for people who say they don’t like classics. They will definitely help them get into them I feel. I’m very glad that I decided to watch this today. It became an instant fav. Overall Sunset Boulevard is an amazing movie that just blew me away.

What’s Your Favorite Billy Wilder Movie?

🔙Sing Street
🔜Mary Poppins

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