The Shop Around the Corner

The Shop Around the Corner ★★★★

75% ✉️ 
The Shop Around the Corner
is quite a delightful classic film. Jimmy Stewart was just the best. He was so charismatic and witty and charming. He was such an amazing classic icon. I’ve seen a few movies with him and I love him so much. He was great in this movie. Each line dialogue rolled of his tongue perfectly of that makes sense. He was the perfect lead for these classic romantic comedies. Margaret Sullavan was great as well. I loved the relationship between the two leads. Frank Morgan was really good as well. Now sure it’s kind of a predictable film. You know pretty much everything that’s going to happen but the movie is just so charming and witty that it doesn’t matter. It’s a very funny movie and it has so much heart. It’s just a fun time. It’s a got a nice Christmas feel to it as well. Classics like this are so heartwarming. They feel like a nice warm hug. I’m surprised that not really anyone talks about this. It’s amazing and more people should see it. It has a nice brisk hour and a half runtime and it never overstays it’s welcome. Another little issue that I had was that the letter aspect to this film could’ve been used more. It’s hard to explain I guess. Still it’s a delightful movie. I’d highly recommend this. I don’t think it will disappoint. Overall The Shop Around the Corner was so much fun.

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