The Untouchables ★★★½

The Untouchables
is a great crime movie from Brian De Palma. Kevin Costner was really good in the film. I haven’t seen him in much and this film made me want to explore more of filmography. He was just really good as the protagonist. Sean Connery was absolutely amazing in the film. He was so good and he pretty awesome as his character. He delivered some really lines and he was just a cool character. He definitely deserved his Oscar win for best supporting actor. Andy García and Charles Martin Smith also both gave great performances. Robert De Niro was also great in the movie as Capone. It definitely wasn’t his best performance as he’s just a phenomenal actor but he was still very good as the character and he was pretty menacing especially in the baseball bat scene. That scene was amazing and pretty intense. I did wish that he was in it more. He wasn’t in the film that much and that was a shame because he was the perfect casting as the character. Still he was great in the few scenes of the film that he was in. I won’t this is a spectacular film or anything. It’s definitely not the best crime film that I’ve seen. It was just a really fun film. Again don’t expect something like Goodfellas because it’s not even close to that film and it wasn’t trying. It focused more on being a good action film and it seceded at doing that. There were some great and memorable action sequences throughout the film. There was a great and intense scene in a train station. Brian De Palma did a pretty good job at directing this film. This is the second film that I have seen from him. The first being Mission: Impossible. This is definitely a better film than that movie. The film had a pretty good story. It was kind of cliche and a little predictable but it worked for the film. The production design was spectacular. It did a great job at transporting you to Chicago in the 1920s. The score from the late Ennio Morricone was pretty good. It definitely wasn’t his best score and sometimes it placed at odd parts in the film. It take away from some parts of the film. I don’t think that was a problem with the score, it was probably whoever decided where to place. The costume design was also really great. The cinematography was also pretty good. I think if you are expecting this film to be epic crime masterpiece then this wouldn’t be a movie for you. If you want a good crime action film with some great performances then I would recommend it. I do think it could’ve been better but I still really enjoyed it. I am excited to watch Brian De Palma’s Scarface at some point. I’m almost certain that, that film will be much better. Again it isn’t the best crime film or anything but it is a really well made film with some great performances, characters, and action sequences. I also forgot to mention that it was dated in parts. There were scenes in the film that do not hold. Overall The Untouchables is a really good action crime thriller with great performances especially from Sean Connery.
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