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This review may contain spoilers.

I just watched the show for the first time so this was the obvious next step. I feel like I'll warm to this in the future but it's such an intense thing to be able to really enjoy when you don't know exactly what to expect.

The part I found most interesting and curious is the relationship between Laura and Dale Cooper. It seemed as though they had a connection before they ever met. Dale knew details about Laura before he ever went to Twin Peaks. I may have missed it, and it might or might not have been mentioned or alluded to in the show, but I think this is because he dreams about her previously. I'm starting to think that the black/white lodges are beyond time and space. They exist both at the beginning and end of things. It makes sense to me to guess that Dale and Laura have always been in the black lodge together.

Heather Graham's character (someone Laura has never met that went into the black lodge after her) tells Laura about Cooper before she ever meets him (in real life anyway), and how the "good dale cooper" is trapped in the black lodge which is something that didn't happen in "real life" until a while after Laura died. This pretty much proves that the black lodge doesn't adhere to time.

Also, Dale seems to be the only person who dreams about the black lodge. I think that it's a sort of destiny type of thing where anybody who goes there was always there and will always be there. He dreams about it because the future coop will go there. I'm surprised that Coop never dreamt about Heather Graham's character.

The other part of this I found interesting is when Laura and Donna are talking. Donna asks Laura is she was thrown out into space would she slow down or speed up. Laura says that she would speed up until she caught on fire forever and no angels would be there to help her because they've all gone away.

So one of the last shots of the movie is Laura sitting next to Coop in the black lodge, happily crying that there is an angel that exists. I don't know what sort of emphasis this thing is trying to put on religion, but I read it more as the idea that Laura thinks she can cross a point of no return where nobody will be there to help her out because nobody cares enough to take the risk. I thought it was interesting that the angel is superimposed directly next to Coop in a sort of similar position. It's hard for me not to imagine that this is saying that Coop is supposed to be Laura's "person that cares" or "guardian angel".

I'm interested to see if anybody will dream about "good coop" in the black lodge in the new show or if the good Leland is there now too. Seems like anybody killed by Bob goes to the black lodge.

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