• A la mala

    A la mala


    I have to say it turned out better then i though! I was surprised a little by the ending but over all it was a good movie that really showed the world to day and you cant help but relate to at least 1 of the troubles faced in this movie!

  • Teen Witch

    Teen Witch


    I loved this movie 10 years ago and when i saw it on Netflix i couldn't help but watch it again!!!! Just like then i couldn't stop watching from its funny moments to the heart warming ones, this film always seems to grave my full attention! It's sweet and charming and always leaves me with a since of hope that it will all work out in the end! Great film to watch over and over again!

  • The Bourne Legacy

    The Bourne Legacy


    I know they say your not supposed to compare books to the movies but this is how i imagined the first Bourne book even though it's supposed to be some kind of spin off this is way closer to the feeling you get from the book then any of those other movies and i just wanted to appreciate that for a moment!

  • The DUFF

    The DUFF

    This movie is awesome!!!!! It so captures the life we live that yeah someone will be the duff but in the end it's how we look at ourselves that matters, and we total rock in our own weird ways!!!! So own it!!!!

  • Talk Back and You're Dead

    Talk Back and You're Dead


    So i read that other comment and almost didn't watch it but that would have been a mistake! Say what you will if you love romance, drama, comedy, and a hot guy kicking butt? you do? then you will so love this movie! I am not saying it's the best in the world ok!! Cuz its not and it could have been way better but its GOOD and aka that description does this film no justice. Its about a girl…

  • She's on Duty

    She's on Duty

    Very funny and surprising, plus a hint of romance makes this a must see for all asian film loving americans!!!!