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This review may contain spoilers.

I was going to write a review but then I noticed taking notes was way more fun, so here. Comment if you wanna discuss anything.
Things I Liked:
- The risks they took to make the plot more original
- The character development of Rey and Luke on the island
- The Rey/Kylo connection with the force
- The fight scene with the guards was amazing because it seemed like Rey and Kylo were working together, only to find out he wants her to join the dark side
- Kylo killing Snoke (I found him to not be a good villain, and Kylo’s take over is intriguing)
- The exploration of what the force really is
- Yoda (my favorite character) returned in spirit form!
- Chewy being converted to a vegetarian by porgs!
Things I didn’t like:
- Rey’s parents were “nobodies” (I feel like if it would have been a character we knew it would’ve have been more surprising)
- Luke drinking the green milk from the creature
- The Rose/Finn storyline seemed to be pointless like when they got betrayed by the hacker and didn’t stop the tracking, so they didn’t really accomplish anything
- The part where Finn was going to sacrifice himself (I’m glad he didn’t die but Rose saving him came out of no where and then their kiss was kind of awkward, like they didn’t have chemistry?) Also doesn’t Finn like Rey?

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