Tenet ★★★★★

Yeah, this rewatch has solidified this as my favourite Nolan film. was so engaged and overwhelmed right from the get-go all the way to that ending, which keeps getting better the more I think about it. As it sinks in for the protagonist that his present and future will be completely devoid of free-will and be reduced to setting the foundations for moments that have already taken place in the past. I also really liked how the arc of kat and sator’s relationship concluded, in that the girl diving from the boat whom she was jealous of, as she had the freedom kat didn’t from sator, actually turned out to not only be her, but also when she became free of sator’s hold over her. Feel like this’ll be a film I’ll return to a lot, just so I can marvel at those amazing action set pieces that were scored so well by Ludwig, yeah it might’ve been a bit confusing at times, but so much good stuff was going on that it kinda works in its favour lol.

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