A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★★

This was the last film I was supposed to watch before the pandemic shut everything down; sadly, I didn't make it to the screening last year. John Krasinski definitely knew how to make a comeback with what could be one of the best horror sequels of all time.

If A Quiet Place had you on the edge of your seat, this won't be the exception. We get a satisfying (but partly explained) glimpse at the beginnings of the monster-invasion chaos. This time around, the young Millicent Simmonds carries the weight of the film heroically, while Cillian Murphy works as a great addition to the cast. It's a gripping, thrilling ride, that delivers just the right amount of tension and character growth to make it even more intriguing than the first entry, accompanied by an impeccable sound design and score, not to mention the superb editing (that final sequence is accomplished so masterfully it will shred your nerves, so effective), and a couple of cool references to some sci-fi/horror classics. Even if the use of silence as this weapon to inflict fear is something we already know, it still works epically. Good job, Krasinski (and Shawver, for the incredible editing work).

I will quote one of the promotional posters: "This is the experience theaters were made for". And it is. Go for the biggest screen possible. I had the chance to watch it on IMAX, and wow. It is such a satisfying experience to have a well-calibrated screen and sound.

This is THE movie that will get us all ready for the summer season, for sure.

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