Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★★

A full blast of crazy, candy-colored, intertextual, in-your-face pop art - stirring in everything from our fascination with sex, drugs, guns & violence and pursuing the American Dream Tony Montana style to idolizing Britney Spears and exploring what is left at the ugly core, when layers of morality and common decency (represented, in my opinion, by Faith and Cotty) are peeled off.

James Franco is absolutely hilarious, the soundtrack is pure brilliance and the images of partying spring breakers ooze decadence, but aren't judgmental. It's more like looking at a trippy nature documentary.

This is a postmodern pop masterpiece, right down to the design of the opening credits. The "look at my shit" speech, the repetition, adding the sound of a gun being loaded between scenes, the pink unicorn ski masks and DTF pants... I think Harmony Korine might be some kind of a mad movie genius.

Loved it. Looking forward to a rewatch soon.