Ran ★★★★★

Akira Kurosawa’s ravishing, riveting, beautifully reimagined deconstruction of King Lear, Shakespeare’s crowning artistic achievement in my opinion, is as tragic, brilliant and essential as it had every right to be. 160 minutes of stunning colors, magisterial direction and impeccable acting. Every emotional beat the story offers is effortlessly matched by Kurosawa’s flawless direction and eye to production design. It’s remarkable. BIG shoutout and gargantuan recognition to Tatsuya Nakadai, as his embodiment of King Lear is unforgettable, haunting and yes, irredeemably tragic. You cannot take your eyes off of him. I love this movie, and I’ll rewatch it for years to come. Kurosawa simply can’t be surpassed or even matched at this point.

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