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  • Requirements to Be a Normal Person

    Requirements to Be a Normal Person


    How does one review a film that is both painfully relatable and aggressively mediocre? It's offensively inoffensive, "quirky" and as derivative as it is faux-subversive. I am looking forward to the sequel, though, about Gustavo's downward spiral into heroin addiction that is triggered by a lifetime of rejection which culminated in the public embarssment at the end of this movie.

  • Stitches



    "I'm being raped by a clown... help!"

    The humor is more miss than hit in this Irish slasher comedy, which it makes up for with practical effects that are consistently amusing. There's some mildly interesting lore that can be expanded upon, which is more than can be said for most similarly-budgeted films. It ultimately outkicks its coverage, but is a solidly commendable effort that does what it set out to do: entertain.

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  • The King of Staten Island

    The King of Staten Island


    Edgy afternoon special for millenials.
    Fairly shallow, not unlike the generation of people the film panders to.