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  • Luz



    @ Beyond Fest.
    I’m going to cry myself to sleep every night until LUZ gets distributed in the U.S. so I can force all my friends to watch this. Such a fantastic little gem of a movie. The filmmakers do so much with so little. The sound design is masterful and haunting. An unrelenting, hypnotic soundtrack. All of the actors have an otherworldly quality to their performances. Julia Riedler is particularly fantastic. The rough 16mm grain pairs so nicely with…

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  • Ghost Ship

    Ghost Ship

    I had been saving this for October but it's been one of those weeks and when Ghost Ship appeared in my feed, it looked too fun to pass up. I've seen the infamous opening scene before, and it's still wonderfully ridiculous. This movie continues the Dark Castle tradition of requiring a very jarring, very of its time rock music cue that clearly dates it in a very specific time in pop culture. Gabriel Byrne was great, Emily Browning too. Similar…

  • The Village

    The Village

    13 year old Mike: this is the dumbest movie ever made

    26 year old Mike: this is a moody, beautifully shot, well designed, poorly edited movie loaded with tons of actors i adore doing their best to deliver dialogue that is painful at best with a terrific premise, major logic gaps, “creatures” that don’t ever look creature enough and one of the dumbest third acts ever

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  • The Blackcoat's Daughter

    The Blackcoat's Daughter

    Truly great horror films are hard to come by, and I'm shocked this film was so slept on. Slow-burning, beautifully shot and soaked in dread. Kiernan Shipka is outstanding. Although far from perfect, The Blackcoat's Daughter avoids the pitfalls of most current horror film trends. No style-over-substance Carpenter homages or false scares. Everything is told visually with nothing over-explained through clunky exposition. Even the "twist" ending isn't some ridiculous, last minute jump scare or shock reveal. It simply unfolds as part of the story and carries our characters forward. If you're a fan of tense, dramatic horror like The VVitch, THEN GET ON THIS SHIT.

  • Boyhood


    Absolutely stunning. Watching this boy age before my eyes was a remarkable experience. Linklater doing what he does best, going straight for the heart. Honest and beautiful.