mustapha kaci

mustapha kaci

<< Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world >> - Jean-Luc Godard -

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  • Machaho


    The re edditing verion by the ENTV which was supervised by the director (Belkacem Hadjadj) himself and the added scens gave the movie completely different look, some added scenes was like a foreshadowing to the film ending and the color calibration made it more expressive and beautiful , i think this movie will forever remains as an introduction into Kabyle cinema

  • Sweet Movie

    Sweet Movie

    I understand why Carol Lauren wanted to quit acting afert this movie , and i understand why Polish gouvernement prevented Anna Prucnal from coming back to her country after the premiere for 15 years , i understand why the movie until this day banned from several countries , what i don-t understand is why Salò took the credit for the most controversial movie of all time while this movie exist xD

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  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    i don't know maybe it's only me but , it smells like a combination between Bresson's Diary of a Country Priest and Bergman's Winter Light with an implicit Taxi Driver between the lines ...and i considered the scene in the 1h:23m as an hommage to the Qatsi prophecy in Koyaanisqatsi , as i sad, it could be just me but i really like it and i need to know your opinions about it !

  • Capernaum



    << Killing someone and giving birth to someone are two violent actions through which, magically, man tries to put themself in God’s place. The victim of a homicide is always helpless, but never as helpless as the victim of a birth. Childbirth spills innocent blood just like homicide. If procreation is a free choice, then life is fundamentally unnecessary pain.>> -- Julio Cabrera-- ( Ética Negativa)