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  • Cecil B. Demented

    Cecil B. Demented


    Funny that this is the only John Waters film available on a major streaming platform…Hysterical, brilliant take on the studio system.

  • City of Joy

    City of Joy


    At the height of his career, Patrick Swayze pushes his dramatic abilities to the limit and shines in a truly emotional performance as a cynical doctor searching for purpose in India. There, Pauline Collins runs a free clinic, City of Joy. The Pal family, recently relocated to the Calcutta slums, steals the show as a rickshaw driver and takes on the local godfather. All three stories intertwine and lives are changed for the better.  Ultimately, this is a film about hope. “You know what gets us through the rough stuff? Love. Love for each other.”

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  • Radioactive



    The bizarre choices in animation, editing, flashbacks and forwards, for me, unfortunately, took away from any inspiration or impactfulness one could draw from Madame Curie’s story.

  • Bagdad Cafe

    Bagdad Cafe


    This film resonates with me. We’ve all felt out-of-place and shunned when dropped into new environments. What Jasmin teaches us is that just by being yourself, you can make a positive change in this world. It’s a beautiful message in a film filled with such quirky characters. 

    On a side note, don’t forget Huell Howser’s iconic visit to the filming location when nobody knew who he was or what he was doing with a camera crew.