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  • Alien



    Ash, that transmission... Mother's deciphered part of it. It doesn't look like an S.O.S.

    When you get right down to it, Alien is a "B Movie" made with "Triple A Movie" sensibilities. The story in one broad stroke is a crew of people on a ship getting killed off one at a time by a creature. A story doesn't get more "B Movie" then that. I think the problem ended up being that every single person involved with the…

  • Night of the Living Dead

    Night of the Living Dead


    They're coming for you, Barbara!

    The birth of the modern zombie. It's often that Night of the Living Dead is simply mentioned as the first modern zombie film and almost all the praise goes to Dawn of the Dead as the greatest zombie film ever made. Night deserves much more praise then that.

    The rules of the modern zombie is engraved in pop culture. My 9 year old stepdaughter knows what a zombie is and she's never witnessed a…

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  • Sleep Tight

    Sleep Tight


    Happy... that's exactly my problem. That I can't be happy.

    Jaume Balagueró is back in an apartment building bringing a different kind of horror compared to what he and Paco Plaza had done in [REC]. I guess I failed to keep up with the directors because I didn’t realize that Balagueró had directed another film before making [REC]⁴.

    This movie reminded me a lot of how Alfred Hitchcock structured some of his thrillers. One minute your scared of something…

  • A Creepshow Animated Special

    A Creepshow Animated Special


    Time to see if I’m as good a doctor as I think I am.

    Billed as an “Animated Special” this is much more of a “Motion Comic”. If you’re not familiar with the term it’s technically still animation, but very limited animation. Think of those 1960s Marvel cartoons and you’re on the right track. That should tell you if you’ll dig this or not.

    I dug it! Feels like it very much captures the spirit the old EC horror…

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  • Jaws: The Revenge

    Jaws: The Revenge



    Instead of doing a review I will just point out the crap that inhabits this film.

    - The shark roars like a lion.
    - Mario Van Peebles does a Jamaican accent
    - The shark swims from New York to the Bahamas in less then 3 days.
    - This is the sequel that popularized the tagline "This time it's personal!"
    - African Americans feet apparently look Caucasian under water
    - The god damn shark is hunting one family, even…

  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy


    I am Groot.

    I am Groot. I AM Groot! I'm Groot. I am GROOT? I'm GROOT! I AM GROOT?! I am Groot! I AM Groot. I'm Groot?! I am GROOT! I'm GROOT? I AM GROOT. I am... GROOT!

    I am GROOT. I AM GROOT! I'm GROOT?! I AM Groot? I'm Groot! I am Groot?! I am Groot? I AM Groot?! I'm Groot? I am GROOT?! I'm GROOT. I AM GROOT? I... AM... GROOOOOOOT!

    ************SPOILER WARNING************
    I am Groot.
    ************END OF SPOILERS************