Escape from L.A.

Escape from L.A. ★★★

Fuck you, I'm going to Hollywood...
-Snake Plissken

The bastard step-child of Escape from New York. John Carpenter's 90s output is a bit mixed with nothing reaching the greatness of his 70s and 80s films, but I still find them good while some exceed others with In the Mouth of Madness being the highlight of that Carpenter Era.

Escape from L.A. never comes close to the original and is kinda disappointing as a sequel considering they tell essentially the same story just moving it's location, but holy shit there is some goofy shit in this film. The things that made me hate this 20 years ago are now what I enjoy. I don't want to say "so bad it's good" when talking about a Carpenter film, but it's almost what it is.

You have the ridiculous surfing scene with Peter Fonda playing a surfer dude, the film suddenly switching to horror out of nowhere with those plastic surgery freaks complete with Bruce Campbell cameo and Pam Grier playing a gang leader by the name of Hershe Las Palmas... who was formerly known as Carjack Malone. Still not sure if Grier's voice is being dubbed in this or she achieved adding a bit of male bass to her voice on her own.

One thing that can't be described as "so bad it's good" no matter how generous you're feeling is the CGI. This is Syfy Original Movie grade CGI. It's some atrocious shit, but the rest of the goofiness makes up for it and the ending is actually kinda awesome (Carpenter actually credits it to Russell) and would have setup a great sequel. It's biggest strength though is of course the return of Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken.

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