Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things ★★

I'm a hugger.
-Joshua Fields Millburn

It's like listening to a crack addict tell you that you shouldn't have a beer with your supper because substance abuse leads to unhappiness.

Two former materialistic douchebags explain how unhappy they used to be and how happy they are now that they've gotten ride of all their stuff and started spreading the word about minimalism. Weirdly neither one of them seem to make a correlation between their unhappiness and that they were douchebags at the time. I also question if they're current happiness doesn't come from the fact that their getting attention through their book.

I can see how living a minimalism lifestyle could make some happy, but this documentary has very little to say about the entire experience and feels like they are just repeating the same thing for 80 minutes.

Also if I'm going to be completely honest not only do Joshua and Ryan sound like they were douchebags in their former lives, but as minimalists they just come off as douchebags with less stuff. I never knew someone saying "I'm a hugger" could sound so fucking disingenuous. Don't you fucking touch me Joshua.

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