Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy ★★★★

I can't overemphasize how important Wes Craven is in my life.
-Heather Langenkamp

After watching all those special features and making of featurettes on the Scream Blu-rays last month it reminded me that I had this in my collection and had yet to watch it, so I had taken it out and put aside to remind me and now after yesterday it seemed appropriate to watch it.

Watching A Nightmare on Elm Street for the umpteenth time was great, as it always is, but I was in the mood to listen to Wes Craven retell the stories for his inspiration for the film and various other stories about making the film. After years of watching various specials on these films there wasn't really much I hadn't heard already, but I didn't care.

There's just something about listening to Craven describe the mythos of Nightmare on Elm Street and the story in general. It doesn't seem so revolutionary to anyone now because we've been living with it for over 30 years, but damn it, it is! It's one of the very few slasher films that couldn't be copied or ripped off because there was just no way of doing it without blatantly stealing ideas from the film. Now look at how amazing that is, and you listen to Craven talk about it and he's so damn humble about the whole thing he almost seems shy talking about it.

Of course I knew going into this four hour documentary that Craven's time in it was going to be limited as he only directed two of the eight films talked about in the doc, but he would almost bookend it since he made the first and seventh. Besides it shows how his creation took on a life of it's own, for better or worst.

Much like Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th documentary this is basically a dream come true for fans, sure there might not be a lot of info you already don't know if you're a huge fan, but still watching the whole detailed history of a horror franchise you love is fantastic.

What's nice here too is that it's not a four hour fluff piece. Most actors, directors and producers are brutally honest about the aspects of the films, sometimes being a bit too hard on themselves if you ask me and in other cases right on the money. Except for Robert Englund, he seems to love every single thing he ever did in these films.

Like I said for Crystal Lake Memories, anyone would be lucky to have a documentary like this made on a franchise they love.

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