Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

Can you guess what every girl's worst nightmare is?

Last year the Black Christmas reboot tried tackling similar issues in horror movie form and showed the world what happens when you have nothing to say combined with no creativity. Worst part is that it gives fuel to those jackasses that claim some films are bad because they “went woke”.

Promising Young Woman, Emerald Fennell’s feature film debut as a director and screenwriter, takes that same subject matter in thriller form but the difference is this… this is out-fucking-standing. So much so that I think this is my favorite film of the year.

Even if I have mixed feelings about the ending, it still ranks right up there. It’s restrained in some instances, provokes in others and actually surprised me a few times too. Gotta say that Carey Mulligan is out-fucking-standing herself in this as well. Not a simple role by any means. Just god damn fantastic.

Happy we ended the year on a great movie.  Happy New Year!

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