Room ★★★★½

Are we in another planet?

Brie Larson was completely under my radar until I watched Short Term 12, but even after that I'd forget she was in certain films because her talents were just being wasted in "nothing" roles like in Don Jon and Trainwreck, but here she is again proving that if given the opportunity she can be the emotional core of a film and take you along whether you want to or not.

The movie's trailer basically destroys any suspense it should have, but scenes that I clearly knew the outcome of were still completely stressing me out to no end thanks to Larson's performance as an abducted young woman raising her child played by Jacob Tremblay in a great performance as well.

It was emotionally draining with a running time of almost 2 hours, but still I didn't want the story to end. I wanted to stay with these characters, Ma and Jack, through the good and bad times.

Again... Brie Larson is amazing here. Casting her as the "friend" or "sister" in rom-coms seriously needs to stop.

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