Saw II ★★★½

We have to play by the fucking rules!

This one has my favorite twist in the entire franchise after the first film because it also reinforces Jigsaw's characteristics. He's many things, but a liar isn't one of them. We also get much more Tobin Bell this time around which is a huge win. His voice, demeanor, everything is just awesome. He's a feeble old man knocking on death's door and yet the most menacing thing you've ever seen.

The rest of the movie is brutal and nasty. There is no room for happiness and hugs in the Saw films. You have a serial killer that is targeting mostly scum, so you don't even get the privilege of having a good guy too root for. Those are the best villains though, the ones logically don't see themselves as evil. Of course this is also a big reason why people don't like this movie, it's fucking nasty as all hell. Can't really blame them.

I also like Shawnee Smith a lot and it's mostly because of these films and her portrayal of Amanda. Then you have Donnie Wahlberg who is of course famous for being one of the owners of Wahlburgers.

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