Inside Llewyn Davis ★★

Call me shallow, but the music ruined it for me. I knew of the backdrop prior to seeing this, but I wasn't prepared for the abundance of folk music. I get that some parts were supposed to be satirical and comedic, but it was like watching old ladies make jokes about planting hydrangeas next to chrysanthemums. Even if you know why things are supposed to be humourous, not caring about the actual topic superseded everything else. It was just another take on the formula of A Serious Man, where a man keeps making poor choices and faces disdain from everybody else in every situation he gets himself into, culminating in an abrupt and unresolved ending. It worked well in Barton Fink because the subject matter spoke to me, and it was also darkly comedic and surreal. This one, not so much. Its fuzzy cinematography provided by Bruno Delbonnel also bothered me for some reason.

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