Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★★

I Mungo

You Mungo

He, She We Mungo

The study of Mungology

It's first grade SpongeBob!

Ok, but seriously, my flippant choice for cheap horror movie night actually paid a surprising dividend despite mentally triggering the episode of SpongeBob SquarePants where he gets the shrink ray belt buckle. Anyway:

What I expected from Lake Wumbo: the fake documentary team tries to prove the ghosts aren't real only to get murdered by those same ghosts.

What I got from Lake Mungology: notably distinct from the typical shaky cam Blair Witch tomfoolery, the film honestly takes documentary film craft quite seriously and presents testimonials, video footage and still images in the fictional efforts to understand the disappearance of a young woman.

I'll be honest...some of the repeated footage and still images did spook me quite a bit, especially towards the end. If you're looking for a genre jolt to quicken your blood pressure, Lago Mago will have you staring deep into its frame. 👀👀👀

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