The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★

There are some films with endeavors to present their poetry through visual stimulation and sound. The works of Wong Kar Wai, for the most part, suffice for this exact approach to storytelling, as the goals, this particular film carries coincide with the likes of a Chungking Express for example. Not to say they are exactly the same, but the vibes are there.

The cinematography, ultimately being the driving force behind the film, carries a suave and intimate attitude that is satisfying to see. Color tints and lighting are used to convey strenuous emotions to further connect the viewer to our main character. With that being said, I personally couldn't attach myself to the struggles and dramatizations of both Veroniques. Whether it's because of the decisions these characters made or my unfamiliarity with Kieslowski's work, much of what was happening writing or story-wise came off as sterile and frankly unimpressive. I understand that much of said story is intentionally vague and equivocal, but its themes of identity, sorrow, and existentialism are left to be too undercooked and uninteresting as I do believe much of this could've benefitted from a stronger script. Yes, there are hints of greatness as much of the use of music produced a very gratifying exploration into our character's psyche. But that's all what it felt like to me. Concepts and ideas are strung together by relationships that lack effective melancholia. The film's endeavors didn't quite reach me as much as I wanted them to.

The vibes just weren't there for me. Despite having a solid sense of punctuation, there were many scenes that felt inadequate and lacking in its poeticism. I do have my nitpicks, such as an uncomfortable scene towards the end, and a few editing choices. I'll continue to check out Kieslowski's films and eventually rewatch this to fully solidify my feelings, due to how conflicted this first watch left me.

For the most part, it's fine, but in my opinion, it didn't really land in what it tried to do.

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