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  • One More Time with Feeling

    One More Time with Feeling

    Melancholic poetry enveloped in elemental blacks and radiant whites—Dominik's filmmaking is almost mythical, here. Cave's pain is obviously inarticulable, at least through words, but Skeleton Tree is a conduit for pure feeling. The album is utterly raw, a nerve carved into with the jagged cuts of an emotional hatchet; the film is the scar tissue.

    Impossible ache is caught in the throat and suffocating the heart, but there's a level of resilience. Grief has its own gravity but sunbeams and starlight can still swirl inside creativity's black and white.

  • Romancing in Thin Air

    Romancing in Thin Air

    Reality and fiction reflecting intertwined emotion—we're receptacles for cinema's refractions. Segments of our consciousness are at least partially defined by an interaction with art, memory and present swirled by film's romanticism. And when we perceive a dramatized version of our own desired catharsis, the integration is an infinite complexity.

    Sweetness like color in snow and romance found and re-found in recreations of what we understand as love.

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  • Alita: Battle Angel

    Alita: Battle Angel

    Open-hearted sincerity with the clarity of revolutionary spectacle—so naturally this is being dismissed by the critical consensus. I don't like bringing up outside critical opinion, both because it dilutes discussion and gives the critical majority an undeserving place in my thoughts, but I'm just so over their lack of imagination. I'm so over their cynical rejection of major-filmmaking outside of MCU/Disney convention; this is radically passionate and it deserves consideration.

    Self-ownership over body and soul amalgamed with pure craft—the elegance…

  • Glass


    A pure synthesis of Shyamalan's formal, thematic, and emotional style—a trilogy bow and a career crescendo; anger and compassion in a perfect helix, crisscrossed into jagged catharsis. Shyamalan is an auteur of overflowing empathy and immaculate craft, and Glass is a heart beating with the passion of destined purpose. This film is reflexive and revolutionary—a self-affirmation and a rallying beacon for we the discarded.

    Uses comic mythology as confirmation that superhumanity exists in kindness and community, that the broken are…