Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III

Crystal Lake lacks the hazy summer atmosphere of the first two films, and Jason's rage feels less potent when not fueled by mythological trauma, but this very successfully twists into sadism while pushing forward into great iconography. I think the film's primary misstep is trying to emulate the first two's hangout vibe, and failing without much charm. But, it's matched by an equal amount of brutality, so I suppose everything mostly evens out.

Is Jason this warped and vicious throughout the entire series? If so, my goodness. He's nihilistic-conservatism barbarically pointed against teenagers. His kills are monstrously glorious, and sometimes, physically painful. The formula is already obvious but oh so enjoyable.

-The whole pregnancy subplot is hysterically nonexistent

-Shelley is that nerd who thinks he's shunned because he's a nerd (we're all nerds on this site) but it's really because he's an asshole

-The one dude just does headstands and walks around a bunch and I dig it

-Best moment = Jason murdering the boyfriend right around the corner, out of sight

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