Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit

"You are not a Nazi."

Not as politically vicious as perhaps it should be, but I think Waititi was attempting something more individually humanistic; Jojo Rabbit is sweet and quite funny, and I think hopeful that goodness runs deep even in total rot. Obviously deranged belief(s) do have a bit of inherent absurdity, and this movie engages with that goofiness, but not at the sake of danger or emotion—something Waititi's Marvel work lacked.

There's no sympathy for those dedicated to evil, there's only hope for the hearts not totally cracked, and tears for the lives stolen by fanaticism. Love is at the center here. Love for the taken and for those caught in a system so terribly terrifying to escape, but courage can morph and not everything ends in Hell.

I teared up multiple times and I laughed a lot.

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