Scream 2

Scream 2

Craven ruptures the already thin walls between fiction and (fictional) reality. The first film subverted horror conventions by understanding rules and finding survival in breaking them, but this film punishes its characters by placing them precisely in inescapable sequel tropes. And perhaps most brutally, trauma is exploited by various media, including the very genre this lives in.

Stab is an appropriation of Sidney's pain, leeching her nightmare for financial gain. Ironic, because without the existence of this sequel, Sidney would be living in a post-Scream peace. And then the origin and continuation of Sidney's pain is further blurred when Craven sets the climax at the theater designed to look like the opening murder at a movie premiere for a fictionalization of the first film's real (but fictional) devastation.

That the movie so perfectly works on multiple levels of meta-awareness while still being tense and hilarious is just incredible.

-That film class would be insufferable

-Campbell is too freaking good

-Full of redemption, catharsis, and absolute pain

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