Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I need to be up in just a few short hours and my brain is swirling with thoughts far too incomplete to write anything substantial, that will wait for a more-caffeinated body and a second (third, fourth, fifth) viewing. So for now, just a list of thoughts and feelings:

-Star Wars now has eight masterpieces

-Abrams perfectly used a warm, meta-nostalgia (with streaks of melancholy lingering from the failures of past legends) to inject the series back into our blood, Johnson completely interjects with the tragedy of being left to pick up the pieces

-There is no absolute evil nor an absolute good, to think oneself is representative of either is arrogant; instead, the in between is the glue holding everything and all of us together

-That's not to say we shouldn't strive for goodness. In fact, each of us carries the ability to ignite great hope in the dark, and it is our duty to shine the light within, out

-Galaxies and porgs, everything is essential to us

-While not equally Lucas' digital aesthetic experimentation, this film is gorgeous. From red dust hovering and frigid ice crystalizing, to sunsets echoing across the galaxy and light streamed across the black, The Last Jedi is beautiful

-Of course, Williams' score is music played by the angels

-Every one is great, but Ridley and Driver are something special

-Carrie Fisher is an eternal memory to all of us, her legacy felt so deeply in every frame

-Luke. Just Luke

-The movie takes risk. And even if moments feel superfluous or possibly even silly, every moment drips ambition and sincerity

-I got to see this with my best friends, just like with The Force Awakens, and I know Episode 9 will repeat this moment

-Paige is the initial spark, and Paige happens to be someone in my program, one of the greatest sources of light I can imagine meeting, so that's pretty cool

Okay, enough for now. Sunday will produce more coherency. In this moment, I feel the stars inside me and light is booming out.

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