It makes me so happy that I've finally seen Tenet, and even though I truly only understand the narrative broadly, Nolan's craft annihilated my being. Even though it isn't my immediate favorite, this feels like an artistic culmination, stylistically and thematically. So many films within Nolan's filmography are structured around time, or a lack of control therein—here, time is a manipulative and reality ebbs in its edges.

Many have referenced that within early exposition, the Protagonist (and the audience) is told to stop trying to understand, to just feel. While I'm sure future viewings and considerations will melt the movie's confusion, surrendering to emotion is a repeating theme within a filmography (wrongly) accused of being cold. Letting go of absolute control, trusting instinct instead of calculation is a mirrored trajectory within the film itself.

And of course, the spectacle is new and physics-bending. Tenet is Bond filtered through maximalist sci-fi; filmmaking unconcerned with infinite audibility or transparent understanding, just fresh style and magic.

Most important, though, Robert Pattinson is ridiculously attractive.

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