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Favorite films

  • Amadeus
  • The Fabulous Baron Munchausen
  • The Manchurian Candidate
  • Brazil

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  • The Fat Black Pussycat


  • Love Serenade


  • McCartney 3,2,1


  • The Big Operator


Pinned reviews

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse

    I want to murder a lighthouse wickie
    And bury him next to me
    I want to slaughter a lighthouse wickie
    Right by the side of the sea
    He'll polish his knob with a cry of glee
    A scrimshaw mermaid on his knee
    I want to butcher a lighthouse wickie
    Won't that be okay?

    We'll find a head in the old cistern
    Drink turpentine by the shore
    We'll invite the mighty Kraken in
    And one-eyed seagulls by the score

    I dream…

  • Battlefield Earth

    Battlefield Earth


    ♫...Hey kids let's go clear together
    Dianetics taught us techniques that will wipe our minds forever.
    We'll kill some Body Thetans tonight so stick around
    You're gonna see H-bombs blow volcanos right off the ground

    Say Johnny and L. Ron have you seen him yet?
    Oh, but he's so spaced out
    Xe-Xe-Xe-Xenu and the Clams
    Oh, but he's weird and he's horrible
    Oh, Xenu he's really mean
    He's got e-metered boots
    Wears a pressure suit
    You know I read it…

Recent reviews

  • The Fat Black Pussycat

    The Fat Black Pussycat


    My journey through the weird wild world of Beatsploitation has taken me to some pretty bizarre cinematic destinations, but "The Fat Black Pussycat" may well be the most outlandish.

    This film lets you know right from the outset what you're in for as a naked brunette crawls into the framing shot of a seedy Greenwich Village alley and collapses, moaning...her moon-shaped derriere looming up into the camera as the credits roll just above her buttcheeks and the pounding crimejazz theme…

  • Love Serenade

    Love Serenade


    You are a fluke
    Of the universe

    You have no right to be here

    Go placidly
    Amid the noise and waste
    And remember what comfort there may be
    In owning a piece thereof

    Avoid quiet and passive persons
    Unless you are in need of sleep

    Rotate your tires

    Speak glowingly of those greater than yourself
    And heed well their advice
    Even though they be turkeys

    Know what to kiss and when

    Consider that two wrongs never make a right

Popular reviews

  • Harold and Maude

    Harold and Maude


    I get why this film resonates so much with a specific demographic of nostalgic old hippies, and aging baby-boomers who feel creatively stifled by their careers, but its central message of tuning in, turning on, and dropping out was a tad outdated even when it was originally released, and it certainly hasn't aged like a fine wine since.

    But what really chaps my ass are the 1-dimensional strawmen authority figures that director Hal Ashby sets up as Harold's obstacles on…

  • The Brain That Wouldn't Die

    The Brain That Wouldn't Die

    ♪ Girlfriend with no body
    I know, I know
    It's serious ♪