Man of the Year ★½

A movie to be experienced!

It's 24 characters at a dinner party and 24 different storylines you have to keep track of. The whole thing is split screen, showing a few stories at once and constantly alternating between them. And it’s all shot on 2002-era digital camcorders. 

There were moments where themes or character stories lined up in a way that made me think it was all meticulously planned out? As if this was secretly brilliant? But then you read that the whole thing was shot in 12 hours with improv dialogue. And woof does it really feel like improv dialogue. 

I cannot emphasize enough how difficult it is to really follow this movie. There's a lot going on with gambling addictions, laundered money, failing marriages, infidelity, pregnancies, murder, drugs, etc. Different storylines play overtop of other ones, dialogue is spoken overtop of other dialogue, and it's really just edited by a lunatic person.

You don't really ever know what's happening and you've really gotta pay attention to decode the puzzle of trash this movie throws at you. And you realize by the end that it’s not brilliant or intentional, it’s just bafflingly crazy.

What a ride.