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  • The New Mutants

    The New Mutants


    Again, I have no clue what makes a bad movie in the majority of people’s eyes. I’ve heard nothing but trash talk about this and I loved it.

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    31 DAYS OF HORROR: #29

    Perhaps the most bizarre, surreal, one of a kind film ever made. It feels as if the makers had been on bath salts while making this. It is a fever dream of horrible horrible decisions and continuity shifts/errors building to such a level that it goes beyond the realm of taste and into art. I fucking love this movie so much. I've watched it numerous times and it just keeps getting better. I love a world where this exists.

  • The Howling: New Moon Rising

    The Howling: New Moon Rising


    Still the most preposterous thing I have ever seen. At no point does this make a lick of sense as a Howling film (as they clumsily re-edit and contextualize footage from previous installments to make sense here), nor as a film any distributor would be able to market to people outside the desert town this was made. Line dancing in the dark, a horrible endless succession of bad puns, songs where men's zippers are used as instruments, the worst werewolf…