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  • Three Colors: Red
  • Once Upon a Time in America
  • F for Fake
  • It's Such a Beautiful Day

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  • Naked



    Glad I waited for a cinema viewing - the sheer amount of unpleasantness on display here for well over two hours would be a real slog at home. The performances are fantastic, particularly Thewlis, and Dick Pope (lol) is on top form as well, and I loved the music, but I miss Leigh's humanity in this, it's just so mean-spirited. All the men are creeps, all the women damaged, everyone is compulsively smoking, drinking, and fucking in order to forget themselves, and Johnny's tirades are ultimately hollow if eloquent.

  • After Life

    After Life


    Man, this Koreeda guy sure knows how to tug on those heartstrings. Beautiful, understated, wistful, and occasionally very funny. CINEMA

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  • Mon Oncle

    Mon Oncle


    Tired: the house in Mon Oncle symbolises the spiritual emptiness that comes with consumerism; modernist design and new-fangled gadgets merely entrench the bourgeoisie in their meaningless existence from which there is no escape.

    Wired: the house in Mon Oncle looks fucking sick.

  • Winter Kills

    Winter Kills


    Absolute boss shit. Besides John Huston giving an absolute all-timer performance which frequently had me in stitches, and Jeff Bridges doing his best proto-Lebowski clueless dope work, this has got Toshiro Mifune! Tony Perkins! Dorothy Malone! Liz Taylor! Eli Wallach! Sterling Hayden!

    Add to that Jarre's soundtrack and Zsigmond's imagery and you get something great already, but the movie has more to offer than that - it simultaneously functions as a very funny parody of conspiracy movies that were all…