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  • Saint Maud

    Saint Maud


    Great stuff from Clark and Ehle makes sure this is engaging for the entirety of its runtime even though it never truly soars.

  • The Other Side of Hope

    The Other Side of Hope


    Like every other one of his films, especially like La havre, but it combines Aki's talents of deadpan humour and earnest emotional engagement supremely well, to the point where I kinda feel like it's my favourite of his.

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  • Criss Cross

    Criss Cross


    Has all the hallmarks of an archetypal film noir, with the innocent man corrupted through sex and money, but it's both much sadder and much funnier than a lot of film noirs end up being. The cast is just so rich, everyone getting something to do, no matter how small their role or scene, which makes it burst with life (that nightclub dance!), while Burt is just so trapped, so wounded, never knowing whom he can really trust or confide in. Dureya is just so good at playing the villain, and that final shot... Fuck!

  • Winter Kills

    Winter Kills


    Absolute boss shit. Besides John Huston giving an absolute all-timer performance which frequently had me in stitches, and Jeff Bridges doing his best proto-Lebowski clueless dope work, this has got Toshiro Mifune! Tony Perkins! Dorothy Malone! Liz Taylor! Eli Wallach! Sterling Hayden!

    Add to that Jarre's soundtrack and Zsigmond's imagery and you get something great already, but the movie has more to offer than that - it simultaneously functions as a very funny parody of conspiracy movies that were all…