Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

ok so in a attempt to decide if I actually like this movie or not I wrote a dumbass pro cons list during it here's the results

Tom holland 😍
Good action scenes
I like Jake gellynhol as Mysterio even if his motives suck
Happy and May are actually kinda cute
The dynamic between Peter and Mysterio is fun
I would say the teachers are unrealistic but I had teachers like that
The movie does a mostly good job at making Mysterio seem like a good guy
Much as I dislike his love coming out of nowhere Peter and MJ are actually pretty cute and have good chemistry together
When this movies not trying to be a high school road trip movie I actually really like it
Tom holland shirtless scene 😉
The second half of this movie is a lot better
Not gonna lie if I was MJ id of peaked too
The whole spidey in the hologram scene is one of the best scenes in the MCU
Aw the netherlands seems such a wholesome place
The scene with peter and happy on the plane is actually a great scene
Ima pause to get set some rice
I’m glad they address the whole iron boy comparison cause he not ok
I really wanna play spider man ps4 again
Thank god brad is done in this movie now
JB smooth is great in this makes me wanna watch curb again
Really like the London stuff
I kinda stopped writing stuff for a while as London stuff great
I love how awkward their first kiss is aww
Final swing great
Woo for JK simmons even if my dumbass spoiled it for my self first time
Love a good skrul post credit scene
Ahh shit multiverse here we come
Also last thing great credits song

Peter love for MJ out of nowhere
May wouldn’t be using peter like this feels out of character
No reaction to her knowing he spiderman
Everything with brad
Most jokes don’t land for me
Ned and Bettys relationship
They should recognize Quention beck instantly
Why would tony leave something so dangerous to peter with no training
Why would peter just casually hand it over (seems to be a theme in the mcu now)
And im pretty sure EDITH breaks many privacy laws
Why 👏isn’t 👏 the 👏 whole 👏 movie 👏 set 👏in 👏 new york
The whole photo of an undressed peter thing just feels dumb and cringy
So is he like always a drone or what how does he switch without being noticed
I still bitter about the multiverse even if I knew it would be a trick
Why didn’t BARF ever come up again?
Seems like Williams problem is with oberdien not tony stark
Why would peter not wear his mask in a public bar
(am i nitpicking feels like I am)
Man nick fury is a dick in this movie
What exactly was Mysterio planning after the London attack exactly?
Yeah they kinda ripped off the Incredibles didn’t they
They all over the place with whether he has spider sense don’t they
The execute them all line is dumb I remember thinking it a weird line the first time through
Ned and Betty broke up so what the fuck was point of that

overall I think it is a good movie but I disagree with a lot of the story and character choices made but I still enjoy it, first half is a bit of a mess but second half once it actually becomes a spide man movie is really great tho I do stand by my choice of it being one of the weaker mcu movies.

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