Beetlejuice ★★★★★

The film I most admire and is consequently the most memorable film with regauards to make up and costumes is Beetlejuice. Burton has established himself as one of the most creative visionary directors of his time, and I think Beetlejuice is one of the most revolutionary films of the 1980's. I say this because, he was able to manifest this great, never before seen universe mainly through the use of his costume selections and the make up artistry that he chose for his film.

The costumes and the make up are probably the most important element in setting the tone and the characterization of the film. Aside from the wonderful sets, the costumes and make up are what gives the film its personality and charm. This film had these outrages, unrealistic characters could be believable within the universe that Burton cunstructed. The costume designs gave the film authenticity within the laws of its own univerese. I believe this film changed cinema, because it showed the world that the dark and occult could be presented in a comical and entertaining. Maybe I'm alone on that, but yep.

I wanna talk about my favorite scene in this film which is also one of my favorite scene of all time, the Dinner or DAY-O scene. Wow, this scene was such a phenomenal, beautiful, and fun scene. This was an unexpected dance scene, atleast for me. I can watch this scene all day. The way the song resonates with the funnest and joy in this scene is just OH-MAZING. The dancing is very very very fun to watch, OH-MAZING! Catherine O'Hara's acting also really solidify this scene. Just a perfect scene!

Performance wise, the standout for me is Catherine O'Hara. Catherine O'Hara easily gives one of my favorite supporting performance of all time in this film. The DAY-O or the Banana Boat Song scene alone solidify my statement. The way she pretends to be possessed and have literally no idea what's going on is just phenomenal. I'm even loving her more now. Michael Keaton was also OH-MAZING in this film. I don't really think there wasn't much of him which is a shame cause he was perfect in this film. Geena Davis, she was excellent in this film. Wow, her performance is just so good. Winona Ryder also does spectacular job in this film, and I love her character.

Overall, a Tim Burton classic which will probably come down as one of my favorite film of all time. PERFECT!

Grade: A+

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