Nomadland ★★★★★

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you all, my favorite film of the year: NOMADLAND! Nomadland is perhaps the most beautiful and well crafted film I've seen from this year. Even before the credits rolled, I just knew this was gonna be my favorite. The magic that this film has is undeniable. Now I'll start with the realistic experience that I had with this film. I'm so taken away by this film, and I'm in love with the realism that this has, I don't think there was any acting in this film at all. I feel like I was watching a documentary rather than a drama film. I just think it's real people having a conversation wherein they are being filmed for a documentary. I just feel the film so much, I felt like I was watching a conversation just in front of me. Well apparently, they had non-actors so there's that so wow. And that realistic vibe couldn't have happened without the magnificent Chloé Zhao. This film is glorified under the immaculate direction of Chloe Zhao. She just makes you so drawn into this film like you feel like you're into this film. And yeah this film was very well written because again, it feels like real people having conversation with each other in real life.

The cinematography in this film is the best I've seen from this year by a far. This was the best looking film of the year and the long shots from this film were aesthetically stunning to look to. And yeah, this was another aspect of this film that contributes to the realistic experience you will have. This would be my choice to win Best Cinematography. Also, I don't see lots talk about the score for this film and for me, the score's rhythm is very well done and there isn't much scoring but when it hits the background, it's as right as rain.

Frances McDormand easily gives one of my favorite performances of the year. She's up there, I love her so much and I just think she's one of the greatest actress of all time already. She can't do no wrong and this ranks among some of my favorites from her. I pray to almighty that she gets nominated. She fortune favours the bold with this film as she takes us on a journey as she weather the storm. David Strathairn, who was like under 15 minutes only in this film, does a spectacular job as well.

Now, this film hasn't lost it's hypes and is leading the Oscar right now which I'm so happy about. Frances winning a 3rd Oscar as a producer makes me happy. And Chloe Zhao being the first female Asian to win the Best Director award is just the right choice. Nomadland for the win!

Grade: A+

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