Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody

I'd have been more entertained had they cast Adam Lambert in the Freddie role.

This movie is as over-produced as a Queen album. The music is the good kind, the movie the bad.

The most tension the movie has is the moment-to-moment concern that Rami's teeth are going to fall out as he struggles to keep them in place.

Mike Meyers looks like Danny McBride and Jeff Lynne had a baby.

The best part of this movie is the cock singing "Galileo" for maybe 12 frames. The second best part of this movie is hearing Dire Straights playing prior to Queen's performance at Live Aid.

This movie literally has reviews for Queen's music written on the screen...not on newspapers.

Mary looks like a more affordable Sienna Miller which is weird cause I'm pretty sure Sienna Miller is affordable.

This is one of the most poorly edit films I have ever watched.

Spending two minutes with the Freddie Mercury Wikipedia page will gift you far more information in far less time:

Yes this film plays the entirety of Queen's worst song Radio Ga Ga...hell it basically recreates the entire Live Aid performance instead of licensing it.

This film implies that had it not been for Queen the little African kids would have stayed hungry.

As a reminder, Bryan Singer is a bad person.