White Noise

White Noise ★★★½

7.2 (7)

Complex? Pretentious? Nonsensical? Depressing? Real?

Talking about this film is not to talk about a logical or coherent script in first sight, is to talk about a lot of ideas that surrounds the human mind, from the excessive consumerism, the influence of the media, the morbidity of violence or the empty information; to the more instinctive thoughts and feeling like the happiness to be with the ones you love, the sadness to lose them, the fear of losing everything, the fear of being harmed, but, mainly, the fear of dying at any moment in a world so overloaded and chaotic that seems to collapse daily.

So, leaving aside how good the technical aspects of the movie were and how messy, even tedious this film could be at moments, it is, for sure, a clever and ambitious project that tries to capture the main reason of the human beings: to survive and keep going in a world where everything seems to go against them, even themselves.


Pd. I don't think I'm the right person to talk about this movie on a large scale at this moment but, of course, I have a rewatch pending. What a sad still incredible experience.

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