Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★½

Part of Worst 10 Films of 2012.

10. Holy Motors

Critics continue to heap praise upon Leos Carax’ peculiar Holy Motors, heralding its quirkiness and innovation. This baffling acclaim has seen it included on many critic’s best films of the year lists, making my first choice a controversial one. After generating such remarkable attention I decided to see it at the Chicago International Film Festival, but the experience wasn’t as rewarding as the plethora of positive reviews suggest. The French filmmaker’s poor attempts at an anarchic, surrealist examination of themes of identity and performance are outweighed by an overwhelming sense of self-importance and pretentiousness. Admittedly, Denis Lavant’s central performance(s) and the cinematography are superb, but neither is able to rescue a film that’s so far up its own ass it never recognises that the lack of a narrative is a problem.

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