Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★


Haven't seen this in a few years and it's always so great to revisit. The story has never lost my interest on any watch. The narrative is so captivating in its execution and the performances all around are fantastic. Rosamund Pike is of course great and captures such a variety of emotions you wouldn't expect. A scene where she's in a wheelchair, to be as vague as I can be, she genuinely was convincing me of a lie I knew was a lie. Excellent moment. Ben Affleck is also not talked about enough here because without his restrained emotional core balanced with his abrasive charm there wouldn't be a film. If the viewer can't believe he's innocent and guilty at the same time there is no reason to watch most of this. Tyler Perry is also really great in his small role. Underrated performance for sure. The screenplay is really fantastic beyond a few lines that feel manufactured and some unneeded moments. Fincher's direction captures the mystery really well and moving between time and place is really strong throughout. Always a great watch.

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